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Stardate 94082.43 (6/24/16)

You might notice some changing in the wording on the site... This is due to the cotroversies surrounding fan film productions and lawsuits and cease and desist orders involving the use of protected intellectual properties. While our products are supplemental in nature and not designed exclusively for any ship, brand, or kit alone and may be used however and in whatever capacity a consumer wishes, we still must be smart in how we advertise and market ourselves and our products. So, to stay squeaky clean, we are removing terminology and images we feel may be misconstrued as advertising for someone else's official trademarked/copyrighted intellectual property. We apologize if this causes any confusion or inconvenience. If there are any questions about whether or not a product will work with your officially licensed model kit, feel free to contact us. LLAP

Stardate 94079.91 (6/23/16)

Again, sorry for the long delay in posting news but we've been HARD at work creating even more amazing new products! We have several new effects boards and other new products! It's a long list, but check out all the new stuff we have for you!


First, we have some awesome new mini products great for smaller scale builds and kit bashes! We're going modular here, folks! This will allow builders to pick and choose which effects they want on their builds without spending a ton of money on several kit-specific effects boards. Want the nav lights from the TOS CGI model with the strobes from the Refit and the bussard effects from the JJ-Prise? We'll make it possible by combining the effects from two or three different boards we're designing so your can make your ship look and feel pretty much any way you want! 

Modular Boards already available:

- All Starship Federation Navigation/Formation Board - This board features all the blink rates for the major hero starships for the navigation and formation lights. (TOS, MOV Refit/"Enemy2" Starship/"Hero3" Starship, TNG Era Starships C,D,E, VOY, NX01)

- Blinky Board - (see below)


Modular Boards in development:

- Weapons board - with phaser/photon effects from multiple ships/eras all on one board! With authentic sounds for each!

- Warp Mode Board - have your ship go to warp speed with sound and effects at the push of a button!

- Bussard board - The ability to customize which bussard engine effect you want depending on scale. Can be customized colors on request


Next, we have another smaller scale product that can actually work for multiple projects up to large scale builds with the Refit Mini Board! This little beauty is about 1" by 1.5" and does all the basic functions you need to get a great looking 1701 refit or classic cast movie-era ship! Deflector change and firing torpedoes, this little board can fit a 1:1000 scale kit up to a 1:350 and beyond! All at a price to fit your budget! Check it out in the Refit/1701A section of the TREKKIE Products!


The versatile Blinky Board... 18 different blink and fade effects from cop sirens and railroad crossings to engines and weapons to alien "heartbeats" to blinking navigation lights or bridge control panel lights or Millenium Falcon cockpit lights... whatever you can imagine! This little board can do so much! And at $35, it fits any budget!


New shuttle bay landing lights board - We've designed our own shuttle bay landing lights board to better serve the needs of our customers. Fits on a 1" by 1.5" mini board. This little guy is the solution to your shuttle bay needs.


We now have PAINT MASKS from Reaper Scale Modeling Finishing Solutions for the 1:350 Refit, including the 5-color irridescent masks! This is a new design based largely on the "Unofficial Paint Guide" for the 1701 Refit. It includes all you need to recreate the beautiful paint scheme from the TMP Enterprise as seen on the films! We also have registry masks available for the 1:350 scale AND 1:600/1:650 TOS ships. The Reaper can also do CUSTOM paint masks for you to have professional looking registries for whatever name your choose for your ship!


Upgrades to our custom lit base stands! These new base stands are simply beautiful! Paul has developed new construction techniques to give top notch craftsmanship to your model display stand! 


Finally, we now offer several custom services from customized lighting kits (design your own and work with the guys at Big Easy and Cutting Edge to create your own custom effects and sounds!) custom paint masks (paint on your own ship registries and names!) and custom moldmaking to recreate your own custom parts by Edward Holt Mold Making! See the "CUSTOM SERVICES" section for more info!


While we weren't able to physically attend Wonderfest this year, we were represented! A very HUGE congratulations to Mr. Bill Krause for his custom scratch build of the TOS era USS SENTINEL! Bill's beautiful design won best ship in the "T&3k" (edited) category and other awards as well! Bill was kind enough to ask us to help him design the bussard engine effects for the SENTINEL and we spent several hours with him developing the right colors and effects using our proprietary programs and products. We will soon be releasing a SENTINEL lighting kit to fit the resin cast nacelles available from Blap! Models which will look exactly like Bill's original model (these will also fit inside a 1:500 JJPrise kit) as well as a kit that will fit in the 1:350 TOS nacelles! Kit will also feature the other blinking effects inspired by Bill's beautiful design!

To see Bill's beautiful design and build, click the link below!


Stardate 93878.36 (4/10/16)


- Sorry for the long delay in posting news but we've been HARD at work creating some amazing new products and, finally, we have some ready for release! If you check out the Trek products area, you'll see 3 brand new lighting kits available!


First the 1:350 NX-01 Starship kit! Accurate nav/strobe timing using the episode "The Minefield" as a reference. Also has the best bussard "lava" effect with accurate rotation!


Next, we have the 1:650 and 1:600 scale TOS Starship lighting kit! This kit features accurate timing for both the classic studio model and the remastered CGI models for all the navigation and formation lights. Plus, the only kit at this scale with accurate bussard color lights, rotation, and including color changing hydrogen reaction in the middle of the bussard as seen on TV!


Finally, the big release... The amazing 1:350 TOS Starship Standard Edition light kit! Finally, a kit that allows you to build using either only LED's or purchase the fan motor upgrade without getting a completely different board and kit! As with the 1:600/1:650 scale kit, you can also choose the blink rates for the navigation and formation lights to either the original studio model or the CGI remaster version! Or mix and match your favorite effects! And we believe we got the bussard effect down cold. Accurate spin rate on both the LED spinners and the fan motors plus the multi-color hydrogen reaction in the core of the bussards. And, as before, this is the ONLY commercial kit that allows you to go LED-only or add the fan motor upgrade using the same great RGB accurate color bussard lights! No different kits. Cost-sensible price. Inexpensive fan upgrade. 5 year warranty on the board. Can't beat it!


Look for more kits coming very soon! In particular, the JJ-Prise Standard and Deluxe Editions, the 1:350 TOS Deluxe Edition with remote, stereo sound, working weapons, and interactive modes! Also working on several other new products all coming very soon! We're excited to bring you the best effects and lighting kits available!


We make it Easy to GO BIG!!!



Stardate 93719.52 (02/12/16)


- Massive updates all over the site today! Please take some time to look around. Notice the new menu at the top which now has products separeated by genre! Also notice we've added several new products and some new video demonstrations! We'll be continuing to update and arrange as we develop new products and services and get them up and running.


- Note that shipping prices increased across the board in mid January. It does also affect our prices as it costs us more to buy supplies and to ship between developers as we create new and exciting things for you! Alas, this is not in our control. We endeavor to keep our prices competitive with the market and continue to offer more value in our services, selection, quality, and features!


Stardate 93714.05 (02/10/16)

- Finally completed a successful cast of the new and improved corrected bridge for the PL 1:350 Scale Starship Refit! This piece replaces parts #3 and #201 for a single, corrected bridge piece that is much easier to install! It comes pre-set to a 2mm raised ridge to acomdate a standard 1.8mm LED for the forward flood. It also contains the corrected vent pieces in the corners of each "window" and the corrected panes and half-moon openings for the windows on the rear piece. A TON of time, research, and work went into getting this part as accurate as possible! Special thanks to our friend Will Noon for designing and rendering the back clear piece to replace the kit part #210! The new bridge is now available in our Products section! Get yours today!


- Further work continues on the upcoming 1:350 PL TOS Starship lighting kit. We are so excited about this product! We are working very closely with William Mann at Cutting Edge Electronic Controls to deliver a revolutionary new lighting kit for this model unlike any ever seen! As we get closer to prototyping, we'll add further details, but rest assured, there's NOTHING like it on the market today! Concurrently, we'll be designing a "budget" version with all the great looking effects but fewer add-on effects such as sounds and "modes." We'll also be working to deliver similar lighting solutions to accomodate the classic 1:650 scale TOS and 1:600 scale TOS Starship kits around the same release time. These will feature many of the same effects as the larger 1:350 kits, just at a size that might suit some people's space restraints!


All of these kits will be featuring some of the latest technology far beyond what most "standard" LED lighting kits have. We'll be focusing on innovative technology and the top of the line boards and kits will feature a unique interactive experience not seen in lighting kits before! This will also be the new standard for our lighting solutions going forward, so stay tuned! At Big Easy and Cutting Edge, we really do look to make the impossible a reality!