This is it! The easy-to-install, "solderless" board*, "plug-and-play" solution to the 1:350 Refit Shuttle Bay sequential landing lights headache! No more frustration with finding space for a rat's nest of wires! No more wiring individual LED's and resistors! No more headaches!

This board features 20 LED's (two rows) with a 3 light chaser so that 3 LED's are chasing on each row. There is also an additional LED pre-mounted at the end of the board to illuminate the aft registry for the Raytheon spotlight below the hangar doors! No more cluttered wires! This board takes all the guesswork and tedious wiring out of the shuttle bay landing lights! 

Only three wires set each effect (the running lights and the Raytheon spotlight) on a separate circuit so you can have independent controls and sync the aft flood light with the startup sequence using our SFX Refit Admiral Series effects system! While this board is designed with the Signature Series in mind, it is also perfectly capable of running alongside any 5V, 9V, or 12V control system we offer or as a stand-alone effect or companion to another lighting kit** or homemade setup.


Includes a sticker template to help you drill out exact holes for the lights to show through the bay floor!***


* Some soldering of wire may be necessary to extend the power wires, depending on the placement of the main board/power supply.


**Check other manufacturer's datasheets and instructions for voltage, amps, and system requirements before connecting this to another system!)

***some model modification necessary***

SFX "Drop-in" 1:350 Refit Shuttle Bay Running Light Board

  • BEMS Shuttle Bay Board with prewired lights and wires.

  • 5-year or 3-Time "No-Questions*" Replacement Warranty -

    Big Easy Modeling Solutions will repair or replace any malfunctioning or defective product for 5 years or up to 3 replacements (whichever comes first) with no contingencies or exclusions.If more than 3 returns occur, all further repairs or replacements may be subject to an additional repair or replacement fee if it is determined the malfunction is not caused by a manufacturer defect. 

    (does not include customizations/alterations. Customer is responsible for shipping costs and return of any damaged or malfunctioning products before replacement is given. Only applies to equivalent products. No upgrades or exchanges for different products are considered.)

    For this warranty, the malfunctioning original product MUST be shipped back to BEMS before replacement will be shipped. Customer is initially responsible for shipping costs to return the product. If the malfuction is due to a production defect, BEMS will reimburse the shipping cost to the customer upon request.


    * "No-Questions" - We guarantee that no cause of the issue, regardless of "fault," will factor into the repair or replacement policy for up to 3 repairs or 5 years (whichever comes first) However, we will likely inquire as to the wiring procedure and techniques used so we can try to determine the cause of the issue. This assists us both in repair solutions (so we know what components likely need repairs) and also in helping to find ways to avoid potential issues for others in the future, whether through design, clearer instructions, or harness designs to make things more "foolproof." It can also help us to help customers avoid making the same or similar mistakes going forward, if it's a "user error."