UPGRADE: Works with SFX Commander Series board (sold separately) to complete the model lighting kit


Upgrade your SFX NX-01 1:350 Commander Series Lighting kit to include interactive warp, weapons, and high fidelity stereo sound for the ultimate NX-01 build!



- Button-controlled Phasers with authentic sounds (Lasers not included*)

- Button-controlled Photon Torpedoes with authentic sounds!

- Button-controlled Warp effect with ramp up sound and lights!

- Button-controlled music and sound library with over 30 hi-fi stereo sounds!




*Direct exposure to lasers may be damaging to the eye, causing retinal damage. Do NOT shine lasers directly into the eye!

UPGRADE Captain SFX Series: 1:350 NX-01 Starship Light Kit

  • We assemble our light kits in the order received and, while every effort is made to get them assembled and shipped as quickly as possible, they can take up to THREE weeks for shipment.