This is the premiere lighting kit option available for your 1:350 PL 1701=A Starship (or larger scale) on the market! No other product comes close! 



  • Three selectable movie modes at startup to have your model immerse in any of the three 1701-A ship films!
  • Full start-up drydock sequence timed perfectly to TVH, TFF, and TUC with sound
  • Accurate timing for navigation lights and strobes.
  • Full, accurate color change effect for the deflector dish
  • Red alert mode!
  • Full stereo authentic sound effects
  • 24 button IR Remote control included with sticker labels for button functions
  • Independent lighting controls for customizable lighting display
  • Customizable optional sound and lighting options
  • Lighting diagram included
  • Working phasers with optional 5V lasers* (included with Supplemental Lighting Kit)
  • Working photon torpedoes with blue fire variant for TMP
  • Interactive Impulse and Warp Modes with integrated effects!
  • 5 setting adjustable Impulse mode with effect
  • 5 setting adjustable RCS Thrusters
  • Sound card and pre-loaded sounds on SDCard included
  • Optional Supplemental lighting kit add-on with all wire, resistors, LED's, strips, lasers for the phasers, and other goodies you need for a complete lighting solution!



* Lasers are potentially hazardous to the eye. Avoid looking directly into any laser. SFX is NOT liable for any injuries caused by exposure to lasers with this kit.

-Model builds by George Goetz (phasers) and Neil Smith


Recommended Power Supply:

12V 6A Power supply (Preferred for larger 1:350 Scale and up)


SFX 1701-A STARSHIP Signature Series

  • Basic Kit Includes:

    • SFX 1701-A Signature Series Board w/sound card
    • Remote Control
    • Special Neopixel RGB LED's for deflector and impulse crystal
    • 5 year limited warranty*