*This is a post from the 1:350 Facebook group that was an intro to the concept of this blog. Some information not relative to the blog has been edited out, but it might read in a bit of a different tone than future posts.*

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about a desire for organizing steps for kit mods, techniques, and step-by-step instructions. This is a great idea and I think there’s a way to begin doing this, but I did want to address some issues that have probably kept this from happening before.

First, not everyone is building the same kit. There’s refits, TOS, NX-01, and Klingon BoP at 350 scale. Throwing a guess out there, I’d say most are interested in the refit or TOS mainly. Probably 60/40 Refit to TOS? So if we do this, we should focus on one kit at a time and it seems logical to start with the most common one, which I suspect is the refit… Of course many techniques translate to other builds as well. Another reason to maybe go with the refit is that it has so many features that covering it will help cover most things found in other builds.

Second, we’re all in different places and at different skill/experience levels and have different ideas for how we want to build it. Some want lights, others no. Some want to paint the Aztecs with either two or the full five colors. Some want to use decals. Some want screen accurate, some studio model accurate, others mods and kit bashes and so on. So we’ll need to find some acceptable common ground here.

Another potential issue is what third party parts are used. For example, some light kits are designed to be on board, some in the base, or either. Some fit in the secondary hull, some in the primary, some both. This should be somehow accounted for as well.

Finally, we all do things differently. This would be about helping those that are new to doing this find the “easiest way” to learn to do it. Often that will necessitate more than one option. That’s fine, of course. Any input and ideas should be welcome. Let’s just be careful not to fight over which way is correct as it really shouldn’t matter a ton, so long as the end result works and looks generally like what the builder envisions.

So I propose a blog series detailing the process of building a 350 from start to finish. Understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint, so this will be lengthy! As we go along, the primary administrators and contributors and I will be collecting these and organizing them to create a detailed build “manual” to be a guide for other builders. We’ll be addressing specific topics and often asking the experienced builders in the group for methods and tricks to help everyone make the starship they’ve always dreamed of having. Everyone on board?

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