Hello Trek Modeler Enthusiasts and fans of the Polar Lights 1:350 Enterprise Refit model kit! This blog is designed to offer tips and tricks to walk you through building your own 1:350 Refit complete with lights and other optional features! The hope is that this blog, along with the Trek Works video build series on YouTube with Mr. Boyd Crompton, and other resources available, will help you to gather up enough confidence to boldly go where many of us have gone before… but do it your way and, perhaps, make it even better!

Here’s some notes that might be important in this series: You DO NOT have to have experience with lighting models before. It certainly helps, but the point of this series is to help you learn how to do this along the way

You will have to get some tools and supplies! These will be detailed along the way. While it would probably be nice to have them all in one tidy list, that list will be reserved for a future e-book or book to come. For the purposes of this blog, however, we’ll be listing necessary parts by section being addressed. Don’t worry, though. There will, from time to time, be diagrams which show larger sections and will detail certain areas where you will see what specific lights you will need. Depending on the type of lighting used, you can assume for regular LED’s of any size, you’ll need a positive and negative wire, a resistor, and probably some heat shrink for each individual LED. (note: LED strip tape has resistors pre-installed, so none needed for the those areas)

THIS IS A BIGGIE: This build series will be focused on using a specific type of effects board, the Tier2V2 SFX board available from William Mann. (details will be posted for how to go about acquiring one of these beauties!) The reason this is a big deal is, depending on which board you use, methods and inputs for your wires might change. The good news is that the general placement of wires doesn’t change. However, what inputs you run those wires to may be different and to what part of the model you run them may also change. Whenever possible, we’ll try to help with this or simply ask questions in the comments here or in the Facebook groups.

Ok, are you ready to get started? As your administrator and primary poster/guide, I’ll be posting as much as time allows. I’ll start with a couple of posts from the Facebook 1:350 Star Trek Model group that was the seed for developing this blog to kind of get everyone caught up.

Get those kits out, open the box, and get ready! This is a fun journey!

As our friend Boyd says, Happy Modeling!

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