Just made this for you guys. Took a little longer than I thought to do it as I actually had to plan out the color-coordination thing… But this is a general diagram for the main lighting minus the LED strip tape recommended for the upper saucer section of a 1:350 Refit. The wiring inputs suggested correspond with the Tier2V2 lighting systems, though they can be adjusted for other lighting kits as well. I’ll do more of these as I go along. It’s also helping me keep my own build organized! :-)

NOTE: The main lighting is color-coordinated, for the most part, by the direction markers and dots on the ends. The white LED’s use a black line. The “Optional” section, however, is only color-coordinted to help you find it on the diagram.

Again, this DOES NOT show the suggested locations of the LED strips/interior general lighting. I’ll do another one for that separately.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of how many LED’s you’ll need for at least the upper saucer. This area has the highest concentration of lighting, though the nacelles aren’t too far off. I’ll also make a “master list” which will list the total number of main and optional LED’s to light her up.

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